23 reviews for SWC MKII Diver BLUE

  1. Charles Livaudais

    ARK GMT gray/blue. This is a very nice watch, especially for the $$. The finish of the case and hands, non-reflective sapphire crystal and lume are great at any price. The dial is rather plain but extremely legible — this is not a watch with a strong “wow” factor, but is just so nice and functional that I find myself wearing it more than I expected. The SWC logo and name could perhaps be updated to have a nicer aesthetic, but I have read that may be more difficult to accomplish in Switzerland than in other countries? I also love the light weight, 38mm diameter and 9mm case thickness of this watch. Initially I had my eye on the Bunker but was put off by its 41mm size and large dial — I am glad I went with the ARK GMT, as its dial is plenty big enough for me (and of course YMMV). Overall this watch has exceeded expectations. Like many SWC watches, the ARK GMT is essentially unbeatable for the price.

  2. Steven Basford

    SWC ARK blue/red. Jacob was unbelievably helpful. Both watch and service of the highest calibre. Pre/post sales service were excellent given that on a whim I enquired despite the site saying they had none. Jacob sourced the aforementioned ARK. What is amazing is somehow it got to me in 4 days that simply never happens especially Nevada to South Australia. First impressions are wow on the watch and the band just fit on my thick hands and 7.5 inch wrists. The second band is white an essentially useless, the pouch is a PU leather or perhaps nubock and only one curved spring bar none of this matters. The watch sits bigger than a normal 39mm. It is so light and I have two other titanium watches neither are as light – it is my go to watch, my EDC, and frankly I may never take it off cos I will forget I have it on its that light. Easy to read – what a watch, what a value, what service. Now do I want the Bunker..hmmm

  3. Allyn Southerland

    I received my SWC Ark last week and I love it. Its the first watch that I’ve worn to bed. I’m a vintage watch collector and I have a modest collection of older watches. Your watch has ruined my collection. Due to its affordable cost, lightness, brightness 🔆, and legibility, it makes my other watches look like relics from the past. I’ve paired my Ark with a stainless steel bondklip bracelet which turned out to be a perfect fit. Thanks to your entire family for delivering an excellent watch. I love it!!!

  4. Darius

    More watch than what I was expecting! Super light weight and thin. Awesome lume and a very comfortable strap. Great leather travel case (which I wasn’t expecting) Also included a hand written thank you note! Really impressed and would highly recommend .

  5. Aries Ioan

    ARK – checked all my requirments for a field watch and more….
    Size – perfect for readability and wearability (beeing thin is a big part of this )
    Titanium – strap and forget
    Seconds dial – magic to be out of the way for everyday reading: hour and minutes. And still there whenever working with seconds
    Lume – shining even on daytime when you get into a less illuminated space
    Style and Quality – here is where I received more than expected.
    Really felt the difference of buying from a family business instead of an industrial giant.

  6. Yezdi Darukhanawalla

    Received my SWC Bunker Green/Grey yesterday night and its less than 24 hours old, but so far it is one magnificent watch and I totally love it. One of the great things about the Bunker is how it flawlessly combines its utilitarian aspects with a clean and elegant Grade 2 Titanium Case housing a Selita SW200 movement beating at 28,800bpm. The watch is undeniably beautiful, which is not a very common trait of field watches. The entire case, case back. bezel and crown are all Titanium Grade 2. The watch does has a completely matte finish, however SWC have made the effort to add a little twist, with a tasteful bevelled edge, that runs down and slightly twists over the edge of each (drilled) lug. The Bunker has a water resistance rating of 100m, which is a more than acceptable WR rating for any field watch.

    The SWC Nylon Velcro strap, front and back is the one I love the most. Elastic and soft, these exclusive straps loop through the lugs without passing under the watch, which in turn means you don’t get the added height that a NATO strap gives you so often. And to top it all they cost less than $10.

    The lume on the SWC Bunker is one the best lume I’ve ever seen and very close to my Zelos Mako V3 Diver which has a C3 X1 grade lume. The Bunker also has a top of the line X1 Grade Swiss Super-LumiNova® BLW10 which is basically the equivalent of BGW9 at a X1 Grade Level. The Bunker is undoubtedly the ‘King of BLW10 Lume‘. Have ordered the titanium bracelet for my Bunker and anxiously waiting for it to be shipped sometime in December. The service and response time of all the guys at SWC is impeccable. The watch arrived to Singapore in 8 days well packed and shipped via UPS.


    I have recently received my Bunker, the blue/grey version. I do not have enough superlatives to describe how good this watch is. Lite as a feather has all the features you would expect from a great Field watch and yet has a certain charm lifting it above the crowd.
    Many thanks,

  8. Arthur Beddoe

    Diver Mk. II (blue version). I love SWC divers so much I bought this to add to my light brown Diver II and I will either buy a black/orange version soon or wait for other color ways(?) or both…..nuff said?
    A note on the horizontal lined “box” in the center of the dial that some reviewers pick nits about (which my blue one has but my brown one does not) I don’t even notice it so I would have to say it is a non issue for me

  9. Arthur Beddoe

    Diver Mk. II (blue version). I love SWC divers so much I bought this to add to my light brown Diver II and I will either buy a black/orange version soon or wait for other color ways(?) or both…..nuff said?

  10. T. Green (verified owner)

    In my opinion, this watch is more than just a value proposition, it’s a beautiful, well built and accurate timepiece. The more I wear it the more I find myself appreciating the fine details and how those details contribute to the overall design of the watch.   I initially thought I would wear it’s beautiful bracelet exclusively but after trying on the included strap I was surprised at not only how comfortable it was but the sporty and playful look it gave to the watch. I am very satisfied with this watch and am happy to have done business with a company that cleary puts pride into their products.

  11. PA Lopez

    SWC Bunker – the watch is possibly the best value in the watch industry. The layout of the dial, the material “TI”, the hand size the date location the packaging and the regulation is excellent. If you have a doubt about the watch take a chance like I did you will not regret it. @handwoundc

  12. Arthur Beddoe

    My review is for the light brown version,
    My rating would be 4 1/2 stars if I had the option of he 1/2*, the deduction of a half point is due to the strap which I am not a fan of (I’m a bracelet guy). I have an extensive collection of dive watches and this is one of my favs! It compares to some that several times the asking price. This is my only “root beer” colorway watch and I love it!

  13. Tom Canedy (verified owner)

    WOW!! What an Incredible watch. I have owned several diver watches that are much more expensive than the SWC Diver II and I find the quality of the SWC is to be comparable if not better. This will,definitely, be my daily wearer.

  14. Richard

    I have been wearing my diver for a few days now and it is a wonderful watch. I have no complaints at all except for maybe the capsa pins. But after watching SWC’s video on how to remove and reinstall it was simple. The watch is running about 2 seconds slow which is better than my Submariner well built solid and worth far more than 500.00. To say I am impressed is an understatement. Also you will not find a better bunch of people either. They are great and care about their customers. If I only liked chronographs. I know who I would but from

  15. Rich

    I have to tell you all that I have received the best customer service I have ever received from anybody I have ever dealt with. My new bunker was losing time SWC immediately had me ship it back. They worked on it and tested it and could not find anything wrong. They called me to discuss the issue and told me it was running +/- 2 seconds better than my Rolexes. They took care of me quickly and honestly. Last time I had to have a watch looked at for the same reason it took 3 months my Rolex Sub and being under warranty had to use avRolex service center. SWC could teach them something about Customer service. Great job so impressed with them and their high quality watches I bought the black/orange diver

  16. Rod Moore

    The easiest statement to say if you are looking at the Bunker and thinking about making a purchase is:
    Buy it, you will not be sorry!

    The Bunker is fantastic! Readability and wearability are right at the top of the list. The attention to detail is evident. The Roemers are great people to work with, attentive, quick to respond to questions or concerns and producers of high quality time pieces. The overall design is very pleasing and functional.

    Do not hesitate to purchase your Bunker in the dial of your choice. If you are looking and like what you see then you will love the watch when you make the purchase and receive it. Great watch!

    FYI: the SWC Velcro straps are really nice and extremely comfortable

  17. alex

    Good Box

  18. Guy Cozzi

    The Black Diver MK2 is one of the best made watches I have ever owned. The build quality on this piece is better than my Omega Planet Ocean. The design and styling is TOP NOTCH. The clasp and bracelet are absolutely amazing. I already own the bunker and the sport model is on the way…….there will be a EPIC battle for wrist time for these three great timepieces! Such an awesome problem to have!! Thank you Roemer family for all that you do. Keep up the great work…you have gained a family of watch lovers (me and my three sons) as loyalists forever!

  19. Jonathan Arnfield (verified owner)

    I Just received my new SWC Diver Blue the watch is AWESOME!!! The build quality is next to none! The packaging the watch comes in a travel case with rubber strap included!! Unbelievable!! Not to mention the owners of SWC send a hand written thank you for your purchase card! Pure class! SWC has a customer for life!!!

  20. LESUEUR Dominique (verified owner)

    The best price for money in the markets. An incredible quality at every level. Ceramic insert, 30 ATM water resistant, a Swiss Sw movement, a nice and very powerful lume. The price of this watch is very attractive. Christmas before Christmas

  21. Steven DeVaul (verified owner)

    The SWC Blue Diver is simply incredible.

    I absolutely love the watch.

    After looking for months, trying to find a quality diver, at an affordable price, I all but gave up hope – until I found a review on YouTube of one of your excellent Blue Divers. The watch is everything I have been looking for.

    I wear it proudly everyday.

  22. Rene

    Have the watch 8 weeks perfect and good looking. Running is within 2 seconds a day. Was on vacation with it to Dubai seen son see and pool better you cannot test it. And I can tell you it has surpassed my expectations. People in Dubai ask me about the watch when they seen it in the beginning they told me it looks like an omega. But when they looked closer they told has its own face. And that is also what I think when I look at the watch. You nailed it with this watch. The Lume out of the ordinary and because of the domed sapphire the dial is looking great. I like the round square line dial. The case and the ceramic bezel are spot on. The back engraving is very well done. And I have no compliance about the bracelet looks good and fits the watch. Last thing I want to say the contact with the company was perfect. Thanks for making and sending me this beautiful and for the price perfect diver.

  23. Jake (verified owner)

    I received the watch on time as promised the watch is running within a couple seconds a day right out of the box where’s very well on the wrist love the way it looks outside in the sunlight good job

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6 reviews for SWC MKII Diver BLACK

  1. Matt Hickey (verified owner)

    I took delivery of the MKII diver (black) 2 weeks ago. It is better in person, as always. The finishing is superb (mostly brushed, but the polished scallops on the bezel, chamfers on the lugs, and the edges on the center link on the bracelet are just magnificent). Clear and easy to read dial, and the lume performs as advertised (incredible…). It does wear a bit smaller than dimensions would suggest (I have watches ranging from 40-46 mm, and this wears/feels smaller than a 44 mm, which is great). The customer service is superb, so an all-around pleasure.

  2. Martin Littlewood

    Just received the black/orange Diver MkII. The quality and finishing of the case and bracelet are evident on viewing close up.
    The inclusion of a Swiss Sellita movement equivalent to an eta 2824-2 completes what in my opinion means quality at an affordable price. Great job SWC!

  3. Hung Phan

    I love the value and design. I am waiting for smaller versions, 40, 41, 42mm with thickness under 12.5mm. I know a lot of people wish the same …

  4. Hung Phan

    I love the value and its design. However, I am waiting for smaller versions, 39, 40, 41, 42mm with thickness under 12mm. A lot of people wish so…

  5. David

    I love the design and the high quality! Very good job!

  6. JOON (verified owner)

    Absolutely Perfect Watch!
    Super Fine Quality!

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4 reviews for SWC MKII Diver Slate Grey

  1. Ruben Salcedo

    Truly a beautiful easy to read and a pleasure to wear. The brown bunker hasn’t come off my wrist since the day I set it. I am a night shift respiratory therapist, and keeping time is important, and the lume is amazing when working in dimly lit units. Fit and finish is very clean and the titanium allows me to forget I’m wearing it.
    This is destined to be a classic!

  2. Dave Hutchinson

    Fantastic customer service. I ordered two straps and made a mistake with my order. SWC wrote to me and sorted everything out really quickly. Very pleased with the straps which are extremely comfortable. I hope they offer these in different widths in the future.

  3. bob in whitefish montana (verified owner)

    exactly as shown on website
    swc adjusted band size to fit my wrist before shipping
    only problem….could not get clasp to work
    until seeing that it was wrapped in clear plastic
    happy with purchase

  4. Alexander V Lackaff (verified owner)

    This is a truly beautiful watch. In certain lights the face has an almost silver shimmer, which I wasn’t expecting but was pointed out to me by Josh himself before I received it and is a very welcome visual. The build quality seems to be exceptional. In my opinion for the price this watch is a steal. It checked all my boxes for a Swiss made diver. The customer service I have received from Josh has been above and beyond. He has made working with the Swiss Watch Company a truly exceptional experience.

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4 reviews for SWC MKII Diver BLACK/ORANGE

  1. Thomas Maratin

    The DLC Black Bunker arrived and I am one very satisfied customer. For me, this is the perfect field watch. The lume is outstanding! The fact that SWC is offering such premium quality at this price point is insane. Couldn’t be happier with this watch.

  2. Larry

    I received my green/grey bunker today and I love it. Nice, big, legible dial that’s super easy to read for my crappy eyes. For the price and all of the features you get, it’s well worth the price. Couldn’t be happier.

  3. Rod Moore

    Beautiful watch! The color scheme with orange is breathtaking and really pops. Upon examination, it is evident that SWC makes extremely high quality watches that are more than worth the asking price when compared to other watches in the same price range.

    I own the Orange/Black MKII as well as the Black Bunker and could not be more satisfied with both. SWC customer service is second to none and it it always a pleasure communicating with any of the Roemers.

  4. Sean (verified owner)

    Outstanding watch!!! Wonderful quality and SWC has the best customer service.

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